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Unpublished Information About GroIMP



  • Development of a plug-in for 3D modeling in GroIMP (in German)
    • Leppich D. (2017). Entwicklung eines Plugins für die 3D-Modellierungsplatform GroIMP. Forschungsbezogenes Praktikum im Studiengang “Angewandte Informatik”, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen.     PDF

Virtual Laser Scanner for GroIMP

  • The “Scanner” is a module implementing a virtual laser scanning device.     PDF

General – XL language

  • Wiki for the programming language XL (in German, compiled by Kelleter S., 2017).      XL_WIKI       ZIP
  • List of turtle commands in XL (in German, 2008).     PDF
  • Overview of XL syntax (in German).     PDF

DTD – file format

  • Description of the DTD-file format (in German).     PDF

General Purpose Layout Algorithm: User Guide

  • combines a tree algorithm and an energy algorithm backed by several optimization methods.      PDF
  • Mathematical background.      PDF

Open-GroIMP Specification

The Open-GroIMP plugin allows to call GroIMP from other applications via the network. A GroIMP-graph (encoded as XML) together with an XL-program is passed to the running GroIMP instance using the HTTP protocol. Then GroIMP compiles the XL-program, executes it and sends back the resulting graph. The details of how to encode the graph and the process of invocation of the XL-program is explained in the following documents.

  • The file Specification.txt   describes the supported node types and their attributes as encoded in the XML.
  • An XML-schema for this is given in exchangegraph.xsd.
  • A description of the communication protocol is described in
  • An example of an exchange graph is given in sample.xeg, together with an XL-file to rewrite the graph in sample.xl.

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