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Welcome to the website

This site is the web centre of growth grammars of the Department Ecoinformatics, Biometrics and Forest Growth at the Georg-August University of Göttingen and its cooperation partners.

Growth grammars are a rule-based approach to the modelling of dynamic systems. In contrast to conventional imperative programming languages, rule-based approaches provide a natural and concise way of modelling. Most systems to be modeled behave according to a set of rules, and our perception works this way and not imperatively using a list of operations which have to be processed step by step.

This site provides software for the execution of growth grammar programs. GROGRA is an L-system interpreter, GroIMP is an interactive modelling platform and able to execute programs written in XL (a Java-based growth grammar language), XL4C4D is an XL-plugin for CINEMA 4D.

The GALLERY gives an impression of what can be done using growth grammars. You will see models of a variety of disciplines, e.g. plant stands, leaf models etc.

Note: For our users who are interested in accessing our former grogra website please follow this link. We stress that the former website will no longer be maintained but will be accessible as is. Please use this website for all current updates regarding GroIMP.